First Specialist of Gas Spring & Hydraulic Shock Absorber in Korea
Self-Confidence Accepted All Over the World
Jan. 2001. Established the assembly plant of Hanil Precision Co.,Ltd.
Sep. 2001. Established KOREA GAS SPRING CO.,LTD.
Jul. 2002. Delivered goods to the leading company in Korea.
Jun. 2003. Made an export contract with the companies of America.
Sep. 2003. Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
Mar. 2004. Moved the plant (#983-1, Naesam-ri, Juchon-myeon)
Feb. 2005. Developed hi-pressure goods (300Kgf)
Mar. 2006. Developed & exported the reverse function Gas Spring
Feb. 2007. Extended & Moved the plant. (#906, Naesam-ri, Juchon-myeon)