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Other Gas Spring
Lockable Gas Spring
Gas spring that can stop at the section requested by the user during overall stroke section with control of release pin.
Purpose : adjust the angle of tilting and relax of chair for vehicle, chair for height adjustment
Relief Gas Spring
Gas spring designed for users to set the suitable reaction force directly according to the purpose while maximum internal pressure is injected in the cylinder.
Safety Gas Spring
Gas spring designed to safely use structure under relatively heavy load
Scope of Application : Hard cover of heavy equipment
Stainless Series
Mateirlas: 316SS or 304SS
Adopt Stainless Steel, durable to salt environment, than gas spring in general carbon steel
Purpose: Gas spring mounted to leisure boat or ship
Oil Damper (S Type)
Damper which enables stable position control with heavy vibration environment
Featured to control damping with flow only, without any gas inside cylinder
Oil Damper (R Type)
Scope of application : accelerator pedal and clutch return
Friction Damper